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28.06.2016 artist talk | Projekt “Biografie” | Heftarchiv | Sübkültür Bayreuth

September 2, 2016





23.09.2015 artist talk | Artistic-Biographic Voyage Research

September 2, 2016

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The Introduction of my talk:

I have a question:

Is a journey something staged, or is it a performance?

A “journey without a route” means going on a journey without knowing how it will unfold. It means being willing to let yourself be guided by the unexpected. And it means being willing to discover unknown territory. On my Australian journey I placed “being on the way” at the centre of my focus.

I always set off on a journey or a scholarship with a concept. I draw up a frame and decide on the rules. The concept for my Australia trip September 2013 to May 2014 was this:

Two of us would travel through Western Australia in a Toyota HJ47 (an ambulance turned into a camper-van; I will call it Landcruiser). We have our own cooking facilities and our bed as travelling furniture and I use the outdoors as my open artist’s studio. I deliberately planned no events and made no arrangements. I wanted the time to work – open-end!

Like most times with such concepts, I had no real information (except from books) about Australia. Nor any experience of the weather or of nature there. I knew that my concept would have to fit into a process on the journey and thus become changed. To be a traveller means also to be awake for the unknown situation. The travel as a form of working condition.

Everything that I see and “recognize” comes from my seeing-experience- memory (embedded in my own culture), so (at first sight) what I see does not seem strange! I project my own way of seeing onto the Other. At the same time I am curious about everything strange. I would like to find out why people see what they see, also in a different culture. The misunderstanding when there is an encounter between two cultures offers a chance – a small chance – of finding out something beyond our usual horizon. (A very small chance to realize my own limits)…


12.05.2015 artist talk: Das Ich ist ein Anderes

September 2, 2016



26th september artist talk at acdc gallery geroldton/westaustralia

September 20, 2013